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Introduction of veterinary Medicine.

Veterinary medicine, often known as veterinary science, is a medical specialty that deals with the protection, control, diagnosis, and management of illness that impact the health of wild and domestic animals, as well as the prevention of bacterial contamination from animals to humans. Vets monitor and manage the health of food-producing animals to provide a safe food source for people. Animal doctors have existed from the beginning of recorded history, and veterinary medicine was developed as a specialization in Babylonia and Egypt as early as 2000 BCE. The Greeks and romans had a class of doctors known as "horse-doctors," and the Latin term for the specialty, veterinaries ("pertaining to beast of burden"), came to be used in later times to refer to the field. Veterinary doctors work in private and corporate clinical practice, academic programs, private enterprise, governmental agency, public health, and military services all over the world today. Other vet med experts, such as veterinary doctors and technicians, frequently assist them in their work.