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Primo Star HAL LED Microscope


Robust and durable enough for repeated assembling and disassembling, Primo Star offers a complete configuration with fixed- Köhler stand, excellent optics and reasonable pricing

Product Description
Product Characteristics
  • Description

    Easy to operate — modular design offers flexibility for numerous innovative lab solutions.

    Comfortable and Ergonomic Design

    • 360° Swiveling Siedentopf tube
    • Ergonomic viewing angle of 30°
    • Viewing height adjustable for various users
    • Interocular distance can be adjusted from 48mm to 75mm to suit users

    Modular Illumination

    • 30w Halogen light
    • LED warm light, 3200K, with stable color temperature and high efficiency
    • Optional mirror illumination, order separately

    Lighting Control

    • Blue light intensity display on both sides of the stand
    • Quick control of light intensity by the user
    • The light intensity display allows instructors to check all microscopes in the classroom, even from a distance

    Right- and Left-Hand Stage Operation

    • Order either right- or lef-hand drives—have both types available in the lab
    • Fixed Köhler
    • Standard model, excellent for education
    • All the important functions, but very simple to operate
    • Extremely long service life and low maintenance costs
    • With a 6V 30w halogen lamp and an LED warm light illuminator

    External Power Supply Unit

    • No untidy cables in the users’ way
    • Special rear panel with external power supply unit and cable
    • Adapter for conversion to a table-top power supply unit
    • Power supply unit can simply be replaced for repairs

    Integrated Carrying Handle

    • Secure design, plastic-coated on the inside
    • Safe, easy transport to and from lab bench


    Optics: Color-corrected infinity optics
    Parfocal Distance: 45mm
    Tube Length: 180mm
    Stand: Fixedl-Kohler
    Magnifications: 40x to 1000x for visual observation; 40x to 100x for camera observation (photobue models)
    Eyepiece Tubes: 360° Swiveling Siedentopf tube with lower and upper (40mm extra view height) positions; adjustable interpupillary distance (48 to 75mm); 30° viewing angle; binocular tube and binocular phototube; 50%:50% vis:doc (user can see specimen through binoculars at the same time the camera captures the same image)
    Eyepieces: WF 10x with 18mm field of view; eyepiece can be retrofitted; eyepieces anti-fungus treated
    Nosepiece: 4x, reversible
    Objectives: Plan-Achromat
    Condenser: Abbe, 0.9 to 1.25; holder for phase contrast and darkfield sliders
    Illumination: Modular illumination concept with drawer; Halogen (6V 30w), LED (6V 3w), mirror for daylight illumination
    Stage: Right- or left-hand operation, depending on model
    Dimensions: Stage area, W x D, 140 x 135mm; travel range, W x D, 75 x 30mm
    Z-Drives: Fine drive, 0.3mm/rotation; coarse drive, 4mm/rotation; total travel range, 15mm